BellaClub presents   Bárbara Fontenelle - Perfection everywhere you look! Bárbara Fontenelle - Perfection everywhere you look!She’s the typical daddy’s girl: perfect in everything! With her angelical features, she cycles around the coast in the city where she lives in order to keep fit, she studies to become a lawyer, and sleeps surrounded by teddy bears. ‘I had never done anything stupid, I’m always certain about my decisions’, reveals the new Bella Club model, who’s only 19 years old, and is an example to be followed. Bearer of dark hair in the past, Barbara Fontenelle is now blonde – but conquers the men out there no matter the color of her hair. Whether blonde or brunette, Barbara is an authentic, determined woman. She goes after her goals, she’s not afraid of transformations, and confesses: ‘I like slow kisses and hair pulling’. We’re already in love with her! Now it’s your turn to fall for Barbara.

 Thaís Geliski Thaís Geliski

 Patricia Jordane Patricia Jordane

Eclectic, smart, interesting, and beautiful! The new Bella Club model is a true example of resilience, determination and strength. When she was 21, she left her family’s home and went after personal improvement and professional growth.She, who changes the color of her hair every week, works as a hairstylist and make-up artist, and makes sure she’s following all the most recent trends to please her customers. She could use the 12-hour work schedule as an excuse for not exercising, but she’s much more than that. “I’m a responsible woman. I work, I study, I rarely go out, and I love going for a run on the beach on Sundays”, reveals the brave, determined woman – characteristics which intimidate many men out there.To know more about our newest chameleon, stay tuned! Her photos will be released on Wednesday, September 28. Blog Get to know an incredible woman

Bella Club once again comes with good news. We´re bringing to you the world´s first mens magazines virtual reality 360º video.The photoshoot of the new girl from Bella Magazine´s already available and it is just gorgeous and do you know what´s best? You can see much more of our 19 year old model.A 360º video shoot allows you to see Barbara in any angle you like. Play the way you want and have fun.Drag the mouse on the video to choose the camera´s direction or if you're on your smartphone, move the phone from side to side, in the direction you desire to see the model in angles never seen before.Keep an eye on our website and social networks for more 360º videos. Click here to see the first.With this and other news, Bella Maganize is always ahead of the game and we are always willing to provide innovating experiences to our members.Keep an eye on our website and social networks for more 360º videos and news. Blog First mens magazines 360º video.

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